Web Control scripts are used to customize the WorldWide Telescope web client. This document describes the setup, development process, API set and samples to aid developers in building their own applications. The customization scripts are written in JScript and embedded in an html file, and along with custom data files, can be used to do one or more of the following tasks:

  • Create custom viewing interfaces

  • Add images to the view, with their own annotations

  • Add annotations to existing images

  • Load in and interact with a VO (Virtual Observatory) table

  • Load and play tours

  • Change the settings for a view

Note that currently the SDK only applies to the Sky view of WorldWide Telescope, and not the Earth, Planet, Panorama or SolarSystem views.

Attention Silverlight users

The Silverlight implementation of the Worldwide Telescope has been deprecated. Please see this conversion tutorial to help you convert any Silverlight code to the new HTML5 implementation.