Reference documentation for the embeddable WWT rendering engine.

The WebGL engine of the AAS WorldWide Telescope puts essentially the entire power of the WWT web client in a JavaScript package that can be embedded in your own applications. This document is the detailed reference on its usage and behavior.

This documentation is a work in progress, and its formatting is being updated to track changes in the GitBook service that we use for our documentation. Please bear with us as we bring it up-to-date.

In particular, this documentation is derived from that of the earlier “HTML5” web engine and has not been fully updated to reflect the differences in capabilities between the two.

The JavaScript engine described in this document is also sometimes called the “web control”, “web client”, or the “web SDK”.

Historical Note

The Web manifestation of WWT has gone through several stages of evolution. These stages include a Silverlight version and the <canvas>-based “HTML5” version. This documentation describes the “WebGL” version, which is the latest and, we hope, final version of the WWT web engine. We won’t intentionally break the older versions, but there are no guarantees that they will continue functioning going forward.


The AAS WorldWide Telescope system is a .NET Foundation project managed by the non-profit American Astronomical Society (AAS). Work on WWT has been supported by the AAS, the US National Science Foundation (grants 1550701 and 1642446), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Microsoft.